Sustainable Living – For Greener & Healthier Tomorrow

Humans have come a long way. We tend to find answers to all our problems. So much so we resort to artificial, often harmful solutions, for comfort and convenience. We are so used to these solutions that most of the times are not even aware of the ills these bring about. But let’s take a step back and look at our lives. Should we not consider sustainable living for the good of this planet and ourselves, the human race?

Being closer to nature. Natural environment, natural products. A natural ecosystem of life. These should be considered for a sustainable living. This is not an easy task as we are heavily dependent and sometimes not in our power to rely on solutions or products that are artificial and harmful to us and the nature.

We can surely take small steps to get closer to nature and move towards a sustainable living. There are many ways to go about it. The kind of clothes we wear, the kind of utensils we use. The home decor we opt for. Everything we do can be re-thought to move towards a healthier and better tomorrow. Instead of opting for artificial products, way of life, let’s all make an effort to choose that are in harmony with nature. These measures will also help counter climate change, a major concern in the current times, and will give hope of a better tomorrow for our children.

The question is, will this make any difference? For me every small effort counts. In the long run, all these cumulatively will bring about a change which in turn will have its impact. This blog is about those small steps we can take in various spaces of life to help ourselves and the nature with a positive impact. Because it is time to work towards a better future.



Shreya Bose


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