Easy to Maintain Indoor Plants – Green Spot

In this blog we will find out about easy to maintain indoor plants and create a green spot for oneself. The green spots are not just refreshing but also add a lot to the home decor. These also come with health benefits. There are certain species which cleans the indoor air which is more polluted than we realise.

Why should we have a green spot or green spots inside home at all? In our tight schedule, where making time for oneself is a distant cry, is it pertinent to take up more responsibilities? It is. Over time taking care of the plants will be equal to time for oneself. They grow on you. Certainly, not many of us can take care of plants which require a lot of attention and care.

Usually, plants need a lot of fresh air and sunlight, even if they are claimed to be indoor plants. But the way some of the homes are designed do not have that luxury. So, one should pick plants carefully for such spots. Plants which are easy to maintain must be picked. Spiral Bamboo Sticks, Bamboo Palm are best suited for such spots, if one wants big plants. In smaller plants one can choose Lucky Bamboo, Jade, Peace Lilies, Ferns. Home-made fertilizers can be used. But they are seldom required. Moreover, hassle-free nutrient sticks are now available. Here get a list of the plants.

These plants thrive with little water or care. Water them every alternate day during summers or water them when the soil is parched, making them easy to maintain indoor plants. Always remember, to observe each plant carefully as each of them react to the environment differently. While, you follow the basic ritual of caring for the plants but do take into account how they are responding.

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